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Innovative Boot Dryers

Keep your boots in tip-top shape with boot dryers from Metalcraft By K in Perham, Minnesota. We understand the importance of ensuring that your boots and winter clothing dry in time for the next time you need them. For that reason alone, we take pride in using our skills to design functional, yet beautiful, boot dryers for your home.

Our Boot Dryers

Made from steel and powder coated, our boot dryers can be designed to hold up to 10 items, including boots, gloves, hats, and mittens, and dry them equally in the same amount of time. We sell solid-colored boot dryers for $99.99 and graphically designed ones for $109.99.

Our dryer's 120CFM motor is able to run on a standard 120V household outlet and features a manual on-off switch. It only draws 23 watts and only costs you pennies of your utility bill. With a base measuring 9" x 20" and standing 18" tall, this device is the perfect size to get the job done without getting in the way.

Sailboat Sign - Boot Dryers
Contact us to order boot dryers that ensure your whole family always has dry winter wear.