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Whimsical Moving Signs

Make your home stand out — decorate your yard with metal signs and fun sticks from Metalcraft By K in Perham, Minnesota. At our studio, we are passionate about designing and crafting objects of beauty that take the look and feel home to a whole new level.
Farm Sign - Metal Signs

Our Signs

Our sign pricing starts at $20.00 per piece, depending the model you choose and the complexity of the visual elements. All signs can be personalized with your choice of wording, which you can provide at the time of purchasing. We have stunning, handcrafted designs, such as tractors and fire trucks, wildlife, farming, and garden scenes, as well as inspirational and religious icons.

Made of solid steel with a five-sealed-bearing drive system and a stainless steel swivel, all of our signed are painted in powder coating for greater longevity. All you need to do is stake it in your ground and enjoy the view. Our signs rotate 360°, depending on the wind, and our large and extra-large signs become animated at the wind shifts. Sizes are:

• Small, Non-Moving Sign - 18" x 21" • Large Moving Sign - 24" x 28" • Extra-Large Moving Sign - 45" x 48"

Our Fun Sticks

We also create fun sticks for your yard. Made from 16-gauge steel plate and attached to a steel rod, the sign itself is 7" x 6". The fun stick measures about 40" tall and also features a steel propeller mounted on a sealed bearing. Each sign can boast your personality with your choice of standard sayings.

Contact us to order stunning metal signs and fun sticks that make your home reflect your vibrant personality.